About Me

Passionate about literature ever since reading Kate Chopin’s The Awakening as a young lady, I cherish the role that the written word plays in my life. Chopin’s work encapsulates my favorite literary elements: enchanting dynamic characters, tangible foreign settings and mystery.

A few years later, while studying in Germany, my devoted love of radio began. I listened to Paul Harvey every day on Voice of America. This began as a desire to hear the English language but developed into yearning to meet the people he had met, to hear their stories, so well told.

After several years doing other things, my profession finally is paired with my love of the written word and radio. I am the Communication Manager for Issaquah Highlands. My favorite day at the desk involves receiving volunteer columnists monthly submissions. It’s pure joy to read their take on life in our community, or to learn something new from them. My editing skills polish their word choices, phrases and syntax. We team to deliver the most engaging and memorable stories possible to our community.

In this blog site, “Nina Milligan” and in my other site “The Best Towns” I exercise my own writing desires.  With a busy work life, I have not been able to add new essays recently, but my studies and research continue. And lately I spend not a little of my free time attending to my husband’s passion for cyclocross: bicycle racing that is half mountain biking, half road riding and half crazy. Our co-written Race Reports have been published by Cyclocross Magazine. Other topics I enjoy researching and writing about are: travel, land use and architecture.

Thank your for visiting my site. I hope you will take a moment to comment on what you read or hear.



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